Furniture packing and shifting

Furniture packing and shifting

During a family relocation, a piece of furniture is one in all the foremost cumbersome tasks. With our wonderful transporters, we have a tendency to take the pain out of unit shifting. You’ll currently use our in-depth directory of shifting company. And with their finish to finish supplying service, you would like not to worry concerning packing, moving, unloading or the other method of shifting. Our piece of furniture shifting choices can watch out of your bags like our own.

If you’re trying to find sensible, an honest, a decent piece of furniture shifting service in Bangladesh, that’s not solely economical however additionally offers good service, then you’ve got the correct place we have the most important info company that guarantees the most effective free quotes for a piece of furniture shifting. Simply allow us to apprehend your demand and that we can get you the foremost efficient furniture shifting company in Bangladesh who can provide you with an entire supplying answer and your furniture harm free.



Our versatile and fully fledged specialist packers’ hands are incredibly happy to produce an entire answer for unpacking and packaging suppliers. We’re dedicated to extending the foremost effective skilled packaging and packaging suppliers to its own one in all kind customers. Once you request the services of, we’ll facilitate one to get a customized packaging strategy within your plan and expectations.

We’ll check that cowl each single every necessity of their customer’s exceptional packaging and unpacking demands. Our specialist movers will package all of your workplace or home possessions completely to safeguard against any injury one scrape and set tags onto it alongside extremely skilled maintenance.

 We’ll additionally remove everything consistent with you would like on your residence or workplace, which means you now not got to accomplish yourself severally.

Packing and Unpacking provider

Furniture shifting service in Dhaka provides out total packing help to travel to your house or workplace. Our skilled professional and knowledgeable specialist packers can address everything in your workplace or home, which suggests you’ll ne’er worry concerning We’ll make certain every and everything is packed cleanly alongside all our custom-built and specialized relocating boxes together with the wrapper.

For unpack, we have a tendency to assist you in person and consistent with your demand, we’ll remove your possessions.

Pick the most effective layouts and packing displacement solutions:

Select to manually choose catalogs and samples from many packing move product and services. Decide on premium style and magnificence that might draw a lot of guests to some richer little business. Also, rely on the materials they use for specific functions. Throughout rehab, resilient materials and solid packaging stuff got to be properly used.

If you’re in operation a meals or clothes company, then it’s quite crucial to use the foremost appropriate packing artifact. If your product or service goes to be ripped to exchange. Utilize a microwaveable instrumentality. If you’re trying to sell males/girls accessories and article of clothing, a lot of regular paper tote could be a nice choice for you in person.

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Partial packaging support:

If you’ve got a decent time and you’re able to package your possessions and additionally you wish further help. Our specialist packer’s hands are incredibly happy and hospitable permit one to package precisely the distinct things or one area package.

 Our semi packaging service is probably going to form your relocation less complicated and less complicated for you in person. It helps you to save lots of yourself a touch value to you in person.

Custom created piece of furniture shifting service in Dhaka:

Dorkary movers is organized and skilled alongside most current tools, completely different parts bins, saran wrap, and bubble wrap and newspaper. Our specialist packers might package no matter as a result of you probably required or maybe a Custom created packaging services.

Home furniture Packing Services

Household Packaging transport suppliers embrace things like packaging and handling across the country product. Competitive moving and packaging businesses deliver ideal packaging materials predicated on the national demand.

Business furniture packing services

Commercial Packaging transport suppliers embrace things like place of labor/firm setup, mill,and distribute Move. Respectable packaging Businesses Utilize specific packaging materials that are exactly handled by bundles together with movers and packers. Even the Relocation procedure is meant to appear once business movement, tremendous business Mill and transfer installation stipulations.

Furniture packing and shifting

is a crucial aspect of any move, whether you’re relocating your home or office. This process involves careful planning, the right materials, and techniques to ensure that your furniture arrives at its new destination in the same condition it left. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through the furniture packing and shifting process effectively.

Planning and Preparation

Assess Your Furniture: Take inventory of the furniture you plan to move. Identify items that require disassembly, have fragile elements, or need special care.

Gather Supplies: You’ll need a variety of packing materials, including moving blankets, bubble wrap, plastic stretch wrap, corrugated cardboard sheets, packing tape, and a toolkit for disassembling furniture.

Measure Doorways and Hallways: Ensure that larger pieces can fit through doorways, staircases, and hallways. Measure your furniture and the spaces it needs to pass through to avoid surprises on moving day.

Packing Furniture for Shifting

Disassemble What You Can: Remove legs from tables and couches, take apart bed frames, and remove drawers from dressers. Keep screws and small parts in labeled bags so you can easily reassemble the furniture later.

Protect Surfaces: Wrap tabletops, dresser fronts, and other large flat surfaces with moving blankets or bubble wrap. Secure the padding with packing tape, but make sure the tape doesn’t touch the furniture’s surface directly.

Wrap for Protection: Use plastic stretch wrap to protect upholstered items and to keep drawers and doors closed on wood furniture. For extra protection, cover wrapped furniture with moving blankets.

Secure Loose Parts: Attach any loose parts or detached pieces, like shelves or table leaves, directly to the piece they belong to, using bubble wrap and tape.

Moving Furniture

Lifting and Carrying: Always lift furniture with your legs, not your back, to avoid injury. Use furniture sliders to move heavy items across floors and consider using dollies for transporting heavier pieces more efficiently.

Loading the Moving Truck: Place heavier items towards the front of the truck near the cab. Balance the load to prevent shifting during transport, and secure furniture with straps to keep it in place.

Unloading and Unpacking: Once you’ve arrived at your new location, carefully unload and unwrap each piece of furniture. Check for any damage before reassembling and placing the furniture in its new spot.

Tips for a Successful Move

  • Label Everything: Clearly label parts and hardware as you disassemble furniture. This will make reassembly much easier.
  • Use Quality Packing Materials: Investing in good-quality packing materials can make a significant difference in protecting your furniture.
  • Heavy Items First: When loading the moving truck, start with the heaviest items and distribute the weight evenly to maintain balance.
  • Ask for Help: Don’t hesitate to ask friends for help or hire professional movers, especially for heavy or valuable pieces of furniture.

Hiring Professional Movers

For those who prefer not to take on the task of packing and moving furniture themselves, professional moving companies offer services that cover every aspect of the process. They have the experience, equipment, and materials to ensure your furniture is packed, transported, and set up in your new home safely and efficiently. When choosing a moving company, consider their reputation, services offered, insurance coverage, and cost to ensure you’re getting the best service for your needs.



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Top 10 Reasons to hire packers and movers for home shifting

Packing and shifting of domestic household goods and materials requires lots of efforts, resources and experience a little bit of mishandling at any step could cost you a lot. Here are top 10 reasons...

01. Packing materials

Different types of goods require different types of packing and its going to be very difficult for you to estimate how much of packing materials you may require and where to you procure. What if you run...


One of the most important tasks shifting your home. Packers and movers companies have trained manpower and team who can do good quality packing for all types of Goods and articles.

03.Finding trucks

When you decide to do it yourself. You have to find truck and most likely you are not aware of the fare and other miscellaneous expense. Packers and movers company have their own fleet and if in case...

04. Loading

Loading is one of the most important tasks and experience really matter here. If your goods are not loaded properly then there is high change of damage during transportation. Packers and movers’ companies...

05. Unloading

Unloading of packed boxes is equally important and only trained labors should be trusted on this. A little bit of carelessness may damage the box and goods inside. Movers and packers have a team who...

06. Unpacking

Once your goods are delivered you have to unpack all those boxes. Just imagine unpacking all those boxes of a 3BHK apartment, it’s not easy. Movers and packers’ companies can assist you and help you...


Another important task is re-assembling and re-arranging all household articles after unpacking. Unless you are very strong and have enough time and energy. It’s better to it for the experts. Packers...

09.Time and Efforts

There are so many tasks easy buying packing materials, packing, finding trucks and labors, loading, unloading, unpacking etc. Unless you have lots of time you should better leave it to the movers and...

10. Overall costs

Even if you decide to do it all yourself, you have to hire people, procure packing materials, arrange for transportation and all of this is going to cost you. When you engage a packers and movers service...