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Pest control in Bangladesh

Yes, the simplest thanks to defending a house from every kind of diseases, particularly from termites, which might cause the destruction of the buildings that in no time. Solely trained professionals will save such buildings. That’s specifically what we have a tendency to do. Client satisfaction, appreciation, and encouragement created services step into a different year of service during this 2019 with success.

Since the company has centered on general pest management service for industrial properties, industrial complexes, and flat buildings. This exposure has attracted purchasers who became residential customers for each pest and white ant services. We have a tendency to be committed to providing wonderful service that protects your home and business, innovatively and creatively; manufacturing safer, a lot of economic and effective treatment ways against the infestation of termites and unwanted pests. Our customers, workers and therefore the health of the surroundings are our primary concern once playing your services. We have a tendency to honor our commitments to customers and pride ourselves on achieving the best standards in each sort of pest management.

We Care regarding surroundings

Our Professionals are trained to understand however pest management merchandise work and wherever to place them in your home. We have a tendency to be victimization merchandise that is safe for the house and therefore the surroundings. Once our pest management professionals have to be compelled to use dangerous chemicals, they need the desired experience to make sure the security of your family. Bear in mind that, exposure to dangerous chemicals, particularly after you extremely don’t knowledge to manage them, is risky business. We have a tendency to be involved regarding our surroundings and try to produce solely safe and earth-friendly service to the shoppers.


Safety Is Our Priority

The merchandise employed by knowledgeable pest management service supplier is safe for our homes as a result of their solely employed in tiny amounts, the amounts are fastidiously measured and applied for various things. It’s vital to use knowledgeable to make sure that a correct job is administered. Our technicians possess all the desired skills and coaching to handle these vital things. Safety is our prime most priority.

Our pest management services

Termite management

Termite, additionally popularly called white ants, are tough, well organized, a lot of persistent and damaging small insects. On the premise of their environs, they’re classified into 2 classes i.e., subterranean or ground crazy termites. Out of the 2, the subterranean termites are most damaging and cause the most harm to the buildings. They penetrate through cracks, tiny openings, block joints, etc., and may even build passage through cement and mortar reducing the strength of the building and inflicting harm to the underground cables.

Termites are often controlled exploitation one in all these methods:

Pre-Construction Treatment:

For effective management of termites, management treatment should be applied in numerous stages of construction.

Treat the lowest and also the sides of the muse pits.

Treat the back fill earth on all sides of designed up walls to a depth of forty-five cm and breadth of thirty cm.

Treat the highest surface of the middle grated and leveled earth, inside the support walls.

Treat the world on the external perimeter of the building

Post Construction Treatment:


Before endeavoring the treatment an intensive review ought to be created to assess the infestation and also the routes of entry of termites within the building for effective management.

Our treatment includes the following:

Drilling mm holes at the junction of the wall and floor at 10 inches interval and injecting soil poison into them.

Infested woodwork is treated within the building with our wood preservative chemicals to create the resistance to additional white ant attack.

A general spray with our termiticides where necessary.

Drilled holes area unit sealed once the operations.

At the tip external perimeter of the building additionally, soil poisons shall be sprayed by the approach of growing or drilling. This can be applied solely to where it’s attainable.

Cockroach control

Cockroaches’ area unit insects of the order of Blattodea or Blastoderm, of that concerning thirty species out of 4500 total area unit related to human habitations. Concerning four species-area units acknowledge as pests, nation type dictyopterous insect could be an etymology reanalysis of the Bengal word into important native elements, though cock brought up a cock and roach could be a style of fish.


Cockroaches leave chemical trails in their faces similarly as emitting mobile pheromones for swarming and sexual union. These chemical trails transmit bacterium on surfaces. Alternative cockroaches can follow these trails to get sources of food and water, and additionally, discover wherever alternative cockroaches area unit activity. Thus, cockroaches will exhibit nascent behavior, during which cluster or swarm behavior emerges from a straightforward set of individual interactions.

Treatment for Cockroach control:

Gel treatment

Chemical treatment

Cockroach gel treatment:


Cheap & ideal for hotels, lodges, bakeries, sweet stalls and modular kitchen.


No spray

No smell

No poison

No irritation

No pollution

No need to empty your cabinets

No need to close windows

Completely safe for kids & pets

100% Satisfaction Guarantee6 month’s service guarantee.

Facts about cockroach

Facts concerning dictyopterous insect

•There is a unit of three general forms of Cockroaches gift. German Cockroaches area unit ordinarily gift within the room and eating areas, and it’s extremely food dependent.

•American Cockroaches area unit usually gift in evacuation and Manholes.

•Oriental Cockroaches area unit rare, and gift within the home.

Bed bugs

Indoor management (Chemical & Fumigation)

Bed bugs on bite cause irritation sleepless nights they take advantage of human blood and became a heavy tormenter in recent times. Bed bug infestation is picked up at cinema halls, on railway benches and generally even from birds in your surroundings.

Facts about bed bugs

•Bugs area unit to blame for diseases caused by blood transmission.

•When Bugs suck blood once, they’ll survive while not food for four months, up to 1 year

Ant control

Indoor Control (No smell)

Outdoor management (Chemical)

Ant’s area unit social insects of the family Formicide and, together with the connected wasps and bees, belong to the order Hymenoptera. They’re nuisance tormenter and that they can injure the building structure and ruined the food things.


Ant infestation isn’t simple to manage and totally different methods ought to be used betting on nest location and food preferences of the ants. Ants are often controlled with a mix of excellent sanitation, removing secretion trails, caulking entry points and eliminating active nests. Pesticide sprays and baits ought to be wont to kill hunting ants and destroy nests, however methods designed to forestall additional infestations ought to be utilized in conjunction with chemical treatment.

Mosquito control

Indoor Control (No smell)

Outdoor Control (Garden)

Features of this Control:


•The world champion pesticide for management of adult dipterous insect, fly, spider and ants up to six months.

•Special soluble pesticide developed specifically for indoor vector and creeping vector management.

•The low rate needed, including a fast kill and an extended period of management.

•Effective against genus Anopheles dipterous insect, proof against dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, BHC, Malathion, etc.

•Economical and simple to use while not communication.

•Safe to creature and mammals.

•Recommended by WHO and NEMP for dipterous insect and home insects.

Facts about mosquito

1. Solely the feminine mosquitoes bite kith and kin and Animals. They live for pretty much four months, whereas their male counterparts live for simply a pair of weeks.

2. Genus Anopheles Mosquitoes cause protozoal infection, and that they bite throughout the morning and night.

3. Genus Culex mosquitoes cause hypertrophy and bite solely within the evening/night.

4. Aedes mosquito’s area unit the foremost infamous and cause Dengue/ yellow jack, cerebrospinal fever, and Chikun Gunya. They’re usually active throughout the daytime.

5. Mosquitoes are often controlled at associate early stage, by clearing off stagnant water spots.

Rat control

Methods used to control Rats are:

Glue pad system

Trap system

Poison bait system

Fumigation system

Types of Rats:

House rats

Roof rats

Black Mole rats

Field rats

Norway rats


How to identify Rat infestation?

Damages to the home product as well as food, furniture, and documents.

Presence of rat hair strands, urine, and excretory product.

Unique distinctive sound.

Diseases carry:

Leptospirosis or Leptospiral jaundice. (Weils Disease) thanks to contamination with urine-Rat five.5 liters.

Plague bubonic plague Surat.

Salmonellosis enteric bacteria -Food poisoning.

Rat bit fever bacterium rod moniliformis.

Rickettsial Pox Rickettsia Akari

Murine typhus Rickettsia typhi

Trichinosis spherical form.


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